WOLF - WordPress Posts Bulk Editor and Manager Professional

Meta Fields

In this tab you can attach all posts meta fields related to the posts in 2 ways:

  • Add Custom key by hands – add keys by hands, do it when you know meta key
  • Get keys from any post by its ID – convenient way get all meta keys and leave all you need. Just drop in the textinput the post ID which has already filled up all meta data you need and press ‘Get‘ button or Enter on your keyboard.

After adding meta key in the system select which type data keeps there and how to display it in the Posts Editor. For decimals select type ‘number‘ and string for all other types. If data is logic and can be 1 or 0 – select view type as checkbox.

Do not forget to rename meta fields title, because usually it has long title (equal to key string) and without changing this title its column in the Posts Editor will be to wide.

After adding meta keys, renaming and selecting its view type click on ‘Save meta fields‘ button. After page reloading go to tab Settings and activate that new columns to make their data editable. Press save button. Now you can see them in the plugins tab settings, tab Filters and tab Bulk Edit. Do not forget that you can save current columns set in profiles (see profiles button on tools panel of the Posts Editor) to load them quickly in the future.

Hint: for meta fields exists special expression which allows copy value from one meta field to another, example {meta:_woocs_regular_price_USD} – if to apply such expression in any meta-field – value from the meta field _woocs_regular_price_USD will be copied there. For example lets consider situation when we have installed WooCommerce Currency Switcher and for each currency in each posts we set fixed price! Firstly we should get all keys we need from the any post using its ID in tab Meta Fields, save, rename and then activate them in the columns. So we decided to set sale prices for USD lower than regular prices in USD for 30%. Firstly using Bulk Edit or ‘binded editing‘ lets set value from _woocs_regular_price_USD  to _woocs_sale_price_USD using expression {meta:_woocs_regular_price_USD} in sale meta field. Then after bulk operation finished apply ‘decrease by %‘ bulk operation for meta field ‘_woocs_sale_price_USD ‘. That is all!

One more – meta fields in the example above can be numbers, expression is the string, so before such operation set for that meta fields type as text in the tab Meta Fields, and after finish of the operation switch type of fields back to ‘number‘.

WOLF also works with jsoned meta data, and it is possible do bulk edit for such data. To enable it select type of field as array and press save button. From now you will be able see data and its structure in the popup: