WOLF - WordPress Posts Bulk Editor and Manager Professional

Posts Bulk Edit

Tool which allows posts bulk edit in your site in 3 ways: to all posts, to filtered posts, to selected (checked by checkbox) posts. Selected posts has more high priority, so if posts filtering done and there are selected posts – bulk editing will be applied to the selected posts. Deselect selected posts, using button on the tools panel, to apply bulk editing to the filtered posts.

CLARIFICATION: Bulk editing can be applied not only to the posts on the current page of the Posts Editor – it can be applied to all posts on all pages with 2 ways of targeting: filtering and selection. Pots selection with checkboxes is possible only on current page, if click to another page selection will be reset, filtering to all pages for filtered posts.

ATTENTION: to activate any field in bulk editing form enable it using checkbox in it

Behavior drop-down for text values:

  • append – value will be attached to the end of the existed value
  • prepend – value will be attached to the beginning of the existed value
  • new – existed value will be removed and replaced by new value
  • replace – value will replace text in the existed text

Behavior drop-down for decimal values:

  • increase by value – the result will: existed value plus entered value
  • decrease by value – the result will: existed value minus entered value
  • delete – set NULL
  • set new – new value will replace existed value
  • increase by % – the result will: existed value plus (existed value multiply entered value)/100 – entered value means percents
  • decrease by % – the result will: existed value minus (existed value multiply entered value)/100 – entered value means percents


Let’s consider any meta field where we want to change data, but with applying there any existed field value of the current post. Special variables will help in this case. For example we can apply bulk editing to such fields using: post-{ID} – so if the post ID is 23 in meta field will be value as post-23.

  • {TITLE} – title of the current post
  • {ID} – ID of the current post
  • {MENU_ORDER} – menu order of the current post

HINT: it is possible to copy data from meta fields using next syntax: {meta:_woocs_regular_price_USD}. Just drop it in any text cell OR apply in bulk editing operation to get the same value there.


Use keyboard keys: arrow up and arrow down when edit titles or prices fields