WOLF - WordPress Posts Bulk Editor and Manager Professional

Update WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Professional v.2.0.4

  • small fixes
  • added counter of selected posts
  • added filter by thumbnails (empty/not empty) in tab Filters
  • meta fields math operations field in tab ‘Bulk Edit
  • new hook wpbe_users_args for function WPBE_HELPER::get_users() which allows to control custom user access
  • new hook wpbe_new_post_status – allows to set what post status should be after creating new post. 2 arguments: post status and post type
  • new feature in tab Settings ‘Show content and excerpt text partly‘ . Show part of the text in the content and excerpt edit button

  • new feature ‘Separate columns and meta for post types‘. Each post type has its own set of columns and meta fields.
  • new hook wpbe_post_type_args –  allows to take not only public post types