WOLF - WordPress Posts Bulk Editor and Manager Professional


In this tab you can set bulk editor settings:

  • Activate columns and set their order
  • Set personal settings for the current user – different users can work with the posts data using WOLF on the same time and not interfering with each other

Settings tab page divided into 2 columns: columns settings and total settings.

In column settings possible:

  • columns activation/deactivation
  • changing columns titles
  • select columns background color
  • select columns text color
  • set columns order using drag-and-drop method
  • set columns visibility for site editors. Yes! You can set what fields your site editors can edit 🙂

In Total settings possible:

  • Default posts per page – How many rows of posts show per one page in tab “Posts Editor” after editor page loaded. Max possible value is 100!
  • Default sort by – Select column by which posts sorting is going after page loaded
  • Default sort – Select sort direction for “Default sort by” column above
  • Show button in admin bar – Show “WOLF Bulk Editor” button in admin bar for quick access to the posts editor.
  • Show thumbnail preview – Show bigger thumbnail preview on mouse over
  • Load beauty switchers – Load beauty switchers instead of checkboxes in the “Posts Editor” table. ATTENTION: with a lot of posts per page (100) – table redrawing will take some more time!
  • Site editors post types – What post types can edit site editors in the tab Posts Editor. Use comma, example: post,car,page

After WOLF activation some columns related to the WordPress posts will be in this current tab. All custom taxonomies created for posts will be attached here automatically, so you will just need activate it in this tab. To add any meta data fields firstly it is necessary to add their keys in tab Meta Fields, and then activate it in the columns settings.

Using columns settings you can decide which posts fields your site editors can manipulate, and by the way they can do their job on the same time with you as all WOLF settings are different for each user and not interfering with each other if you NOT edit the same field, so be care.

For quick columns searching use the text input above – ‘columns finder

Both ‘Save all settings‘ buttons do the same work, so no matter what button to press – both saves all the data which are presented in the Settings tab.

  • Recommended minimum RAM: 256 MB
  • Minimal PHP version is: PHP 5.4
  • Recommended PHP: 7.xx