WPBE - WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Professional

How to make post format terms visible

If you firstly installed WPBE and want to edit post formats you will see that there is no terms there. Do not create them! Create new test post and clicking each post format press save button. Now you can see this terms in Posts Editor. Sure it is crooked way but it is not depend […]

How to filter wordpress posts by attachment of taxonomies to them

This feature is hidden to avoid confusing, just look on the screen below: For such filtration there is no necessary select terms as it filter by taxonomy attachment to the post generally, and not for terms. So if you understood and you need it: in your current wp theme functions.php file drop next code:


How to delete wordpress posts by bulk

This option works in premium version of the plugin only. Using tab Filter filter necessary posts to be deleted. Also you can use checkboxes which has higher priority in the selection Then go to tab Bulk Edit and check there checkbox ‘Bulk deleting’ Press button ‘Delete[post]!’ and wait until operation is done NOTE: Make backups […]

How to detach completely any taxonomy from the post?

For example you decided detach completely taxonomy Product Material from posts or any custom post type. Do next steps: Using the functionality of the tab ‘Filters’ make filtering of the posts by type if you need it If you need to change only some posts you can select them using checkboxes in the Posts Editor […]