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How to save iframe tag into a post?

Iframes get stripped out for security reasons by WordPress engine. To add iframe tag into wp editor read next please: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/353928/how-to-save-iframe-tag-into-a-post

Is WPBE compatible with WPML?

Yes, WPBE is compatible with WPML. Just install WPML and use it, no any special actions required. Post Editor shows posts relevant to the current selected language, and of course bulk operations is possible only with the posts of the language.  

How to edit attachment metadata

This data is only for attachments and keeps in meta with key: _wp_attachment_metadata. Add this key in tab Meta Data with type ‘array’, press save, go in tab Settings, find there the key and enable it, press save. Now you can edit it in popup its data and edit it if you need it. Of […]

How to make post format terms visible

If you firstly installed WPBE and want to edit post formats you will see that there is no terms there. Do not create them! Create new test post and clicking each post format press save button. Now you can see this terms in Posts Editor. Sure it is crooked way but it is not depend […]

How to manage attachments for media

Firstly select post type ‘attachment’. Attaching of media to posts works with fields post_parent, so if you will set there post_id of the post you want media will be attached to that post. And of course if you want to detach media from post set for post_parent zero.

How to filter wordpress posts by attachment of taxonomies to them

This feature is hidden to avoid confusing, just look on the screen below: For such filtration there is no necessary select terms as it filter by taxonomy attachment to the post generally, and not for terms. So if you understood and you need it: in your current wp theme functions.php file drop next code:


How to delete wordpress posts by bulk

This option works in premium version of the plugin only. Using tab Filter filter necessary posts to be deleted. Also you can use checkboxes which has higher priority in the selection Then go to tab Bulk Edit and check there checkbox ‘Bulk deleting’ Press button ‘Delete[post]!’ and wait until operation is done NOTE: Make backups […]

I just bought the plugin and cant install it. Error!!

100% you are trying to install Codecanyon bundle. To install the plugin you are need unpack its bundle downloaded from Codecanyon and then you will find inside bulk-editor.zip which should be installed. Uninstall free version of the plugin before installing premium version. All options are in the data base of the site – so all will be […]

Issue with Avion page builder – as an example of strange things

This article video describes that sometimes data keeps not in the places where customers thinks. In this current article issue is that Avion page builder keeps products description in meta field ‘_avialayoutbuildercleandata’ and its called misunderstanding – so add this meta key in tab Meta Fields as textarea,press Save, in tab Settings enable as column, […]